Frequently asked questions

Do I have to accept the terms and conditions?

Using your Visa Prepaid Gift Card signifies that you accept the Terms and Conditions.

Where can I use my Visa Prepaid Gift Card?

You can use your Visa Prepaid Gift Card anywhere Visa Check Card is accepted.

Can I use my Visa Prepaid Gift Card at ATMs?

Visa Prepaid Gift Card at ATMs cannot be used at ATMs. If your website menu shows a link for “Create PIN” or “Change PIN,” then you can use your Visa Prepaid Card at PIN POS locations. You will have to create a PIN before you can use PIN POS locations.

Why do I have to register my gift card?

Visa recommends that you register your card to protect your rights if your Visa Prepaid Gift Card is ever lost or stolen. By registering your card, it makes the process of refunding your money for unauthorized purchases easier. You will want to register your card and provide your address if you wish to use your card for mail orders, telephone orders, or internet transactions.

Does my Visa Prepaid Gift Card affect my credit?

No. Your Visa Prepaid Card is not tied to your credit in any way.

Can I add money to my Visa Prepaid Gift Card?

Your Visa Gift Card is not reloadable

Why can’t I use my Visa Prepaid Gift Card at a gas pump?

Yes. Your purchase will be limited to the amount on your card.

What do I do if my Visa Prepaid Gift Card is lost or stolen?

If your Visa Prepaid Gift Card is lost or stolen, you can contact us to order a new card and to file a dispute for the purchases you did not authorize. You can find their contact information under Contact Us.

My Visa Prepaid Gift Card doesn’t have my name on it. Can I really use it?

Yes. You can still use your card even though your name does not appear on the card. Your identity is verified by a retailer by checking your signature on the back of your card to ensure that it matches the signature on your sales draft.

My Visa Prepaid Gift Card doesn’t have my name on it. Do I still sign my name when I make purchases?

Yes. Even if your Visa Prepaid Gift Card has a greeting, like “Happy Holidays” instead of your name, you will still sign your name on the sales draft when you make purchases. Make sure you sign the back of your card, so that retailers can compare your signature to the one on the back of the card.

What is the difference between a “pending transaction” and a “posted transaction?”

Pending transactions are authorized transactions, and a hold is placed for the purchase amount on your card. Posted transactions are purchases that have cleared on your card and the funds have been removed. There are some pending transactions that are more or less than the amount you have actually spent. This is because some retailers that place a pre-authorization amount on your card for more or less than the total of the purchase. For example, gas stations make a pre-authorization for a smaller amount, such as $1.00 to ensure the account is active. Once you have completed your purchase an actual authorization is sent in the amount of your purchase. Restaurants, however, will typically send a pre-authorization amount for 20% higher than the total of your bill to ensure you have enough money on your card to cover the tip that you authorize.

Why is my Available Balance different than my Actual Balance?

Typically, your Available Balance is less than your Actual Balance because your Available Balance reflects purchases you have made that have been authorized, but have not cleared your account. However, there are some cases, such as when you have returned merchandise, where the Available Balance will be more than your Actual Balance.

Can I spend more than the balance on the card?

Your Visa Prepaid Card is prepaid and can only be used to make purchases up to the amount on the card. Most retailers send a pre-authorization for the amount of the purchase to ensure that you card has enough money for the purchase. If you attempt to make a purchase for more than the amount available on the card, the transaction will be declined.

Do I have to have an e-mail address to use my Visa Prepaid Gift Card?

Your e-mail address is helpful if you ever forget your password on the website or if we need to send you other useful information requested by you. We can then send that information to the e-mail address we have on file.

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